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Eric Troebner
Powering the global shift to impact.

Why we pivoted from consulting to build an API-first Impact Management AI Product.

When Erik and I met back in 2017 we quickly realised that we both wanted large organisations to make better strategic decisions. And by better I mean going beyond the trusty annual cost / revenue / customer equation. Today the discussion around this has truly exploded and Environmental, Social and Governance (ESG) topics are top of mind for many listed companies.

We founded OutPace with the mission to help organisations deliver more impactful strategies at pace. Both of us had consulting experience and worked in large organisations to improve their strategy, portfolio and technology management practices. Our idea was to…

When it comes to workshops, physical interaction is better than virtual collaboration — but not always. [April 2020 Update]

Update 4/2020: Since we have written this story, a lot has changed so we decided to give this a quick update and add a few things when dealing with predominantly or exclusively online managed WFH design sprints.

In business there is a lot of extensive travel to attend sessions in person in the same location. But there is a toll on people’s personal lives. Most of us will be in situations when we have to work across regions or even different countries (some industries are worse than others).

Consultancies, leaders and managers will even go as far as demanding…

Eric Troebner

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